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Delish Foods originated from a genuine desire to offer fabulous family recipes (entrees and appetizers), that’s been in our family for many generations. Our desire is to share these incredible and exciting dishes with consumers through the food service industry. We spent over a year taste testing these food items in many restaurants throughout the Southeast and received an overwhelming response from both the consumer and restaurant owners. This confirmed our suspicions that most people also want to enjoy these fabulous dishes. Our management team has perfected the production model to ensure optimum efficiency, taste consistency, in a safe and sanitized environment. In addition, our suppliers were carefully selected based upon their business history, quality, and consistent performance in the marketplace. We select as many raw material items as possible from locally grown producers.

Our employees and management team has an unwavering attitude to produce these family recipes as though they were produced in our home kitchen. We care about every item produced and shipped, where they have the same consistent taste and quality each and every day. We pledge to only use the finest quality ingredients and materials and never sacrifice quality over speed or inferior ingredients over taste. Our reputation is our bond and our customer support and satisfaction is paramount to our foundation. We bring integrity, quality, and family values to customers who entrust us as their supplier.

Once you allow us the opportunity to serve you, you will immediately recognize the commitment to serve and satisfy our customers.

Stuffed Bahamian Lobster

A true recipe originating from the Bahamas. This scrumptious stuffed lobster consist of mostly lobster meat with special cheeses, spices, and herbs and slowly baked to allow the spices to simmer into the lobster and cheese and cooked to a golden brown for an unbelievable taste.

Bahamian Conch Fritters

Bahamian conch fritters are one of a kind. There are many conch fritters in the market place but none like these. Our fitters comprise of more than 50% conch, flour with special spices and herbs and when slowly deep fired to golden brown create an unbelievable taste and Bahamian experience.

Italian Stuffed Banana peppers

Another generational Italian specialty recipe. These delicious stuffed peppers make a terrific appetizer or could be served as a entree. These peppers are stuffed with Italian sausage, cheese, and topped with a special Marinara sauce and cooked with traditional herbs and spices for a scrumptious taste. These ingredients are slowly baked to allow the spices to simmer into the meat and pepper for an unbelievable taste.

Southern Brunswick Stew

This is NOT traditional Brunswick stew. If you love meat, this stew is for you. This is not an Italian dish, but a Southern tradition started by a family member many years ago. The beef, chicken, and pork are cooked with tomato sauce and special herbs and spices for 6 to 8 hours. The result is a magnificent thick stew which is second to none.

Italian Sausage with peppers

This dish is a generational Italian recipe and one of our personal favorites. This incredible entrée consist of fresh colored bell peppers, finest Italian sausage, potatoes cooked with traditional herbs and spices for a scrumptious taste. These ingredients are cooked for several hours to allow the spices to simmer into the meat and potatoes for an unforgettable taste.

Italian Lasagna

Lasagna is another traditional Italian recipe which requires careful hand selection of ingredients and spices cooked to a scrumptious golden brown full of rich taste. Our ingredients and cooking method separate our lasagna from all others.

Italian Sauce and Meatballs

Meatballs are NOT created equally! This entrée is the center piece of our family heirloom. Nowhere can you order a meatball this good. The special herbs and spices and combination of beef cut and pork make this a special delight. The sauce and meatballs are cooked together for many hours to create a rich and favorable combination.

Italian Pepperoni Rolls

A delicious original Italian appetizer, consisting of hand rolled dough, cheese, and pepperoni cooked to golden brown.

Italian Sausage Bread

This has been called sausage bread, ugly bread, and other names. Regardless of what it is called, it is  tasty and good. This unique appetizer originated in our family several generations ago as is one of our favorite.  The ingredients consist of mild and hot sausage, cheese, and special spices, baked to perfection.

Italian Wedding Soup

Delish Wedding soup is another generational recipe consisting of exquisite ingredients to create an unforgettable and delicious taste. The ingredients are pure Italian, consisting of chicken, meatballs, Italian greens and traditional Italian spice simmered for several hours to produce a rich favorable soup

Mexican Lasagna

A combination of Italian fare mixed with Mexican spices, herbs, and taste to create an incredible new Mexican entrée. Made from fresh salsa, spices, and sauces, combined with prime meat and several Mexican cheeses to create a delicious and unforgettable entrée.   


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