Delish is your smartest option for fresh, locally produced quality products in our newly renovated USDA / FDA manufacturing facility located in Middle Georgia.  

Our management team has over 25 years experience in quality management systems and manufacturing processes. In addition, we have an experienced purchasing department who knows how to leverage our buying power to achieve reduced raw material cost which results in a very competitive manufacturing options for our customers. 

Delish was founded to become a low cost quality manufacture using locally grown and acquired ingredients with the customerís satisfaction being paramount. We are here to help our customers provide incredible dishes which are fresh, daily made, and quickly distributed to ensure satisfaction from the consumer. 

Our facility is small enough to offer individual attention and focus yet large enough for mass production. 

We offer many unique and incredible dishes which will enhance any menu or we can produce your proprietary products at a quality standard which is second to none. 

Whether you choose to take advantage of our efficient manufacturing operation to produce your custom / proprietary products or purchase our products to compliment your menu, Delish should be your preferred partner. We invite you to experience the difference with Delish on how a true partner improves your business and your bottom line.

Delish Food is the smartest choice for fresh locally produced quality products.

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